Standard Clear PVC Rolls (50m)

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High quality standard clear PVC rolls (50m). This is the cost-effective way to bulk buy standard grade PVC strip. The standard specification makes it suitable for making PVC strip curtains in all ambient and non-freezer environments. It offers outstanding see-through qualities, unbeatable energy-saving performance, is hardwearing and long lasting. 

Standard clear PVC rolls are the go-to product of the PVC strip curtain industry. This standard clear PVC strip is used in all manner of environments to provide quick and flexible screening of doors and work spaces. Whichever option you choose, every strip curtain you make with these standard clear PVC rolls will have outstanding see-through qualities and allow light to pass through with minimum distortion. Suitable for use with all recognised curtain hanging systems and for all uses from light pedestrian to heavy use by forklifts

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