Clear Extruded Acrylic Tube - 70mm OD To 139mm OD

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  • On this page you can purchase exceptionally little distance across, Clear Extruded Acrylic Plastic Tube in full lengths in external diameters from 70mm to 139mm. 
  • Extruded Acrylic Plastic Tubes on this page are accessible to purchase online with divider thicknesses - the sizes recorded show an OD and ID. 

Did you know? 

  • The OD is the Outside Diameter of the Acrylic Tube in mm 
  • The ID is the Inside Diameter of the Acrylic Tube in mm 
  • The divider thickness of acrylic tube is determined by taking away the ID from the OD, and afterward separating by two 
  • All measurements are dependent upon industry standard assembling resistances 

Item Availability 

  • Typically from stock 

Extra Notes 


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